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We strongly encourage you to become a financial member of the Aristocrat of Bands Alumni Chapter.  Our goal is to support the current Aristocrat of Bands in a variety of ways and we need your assistance to do so.  Even if you can not pay your dues, you can always assist the chapter in a variety of ways, particularly those living in the Nashville area.  

Annual alumni dues are $20 for chapter dues PLUS $30 for national dues. If you have already paid national dues through another chapter or if you're a LIFE member of the TSUNAA, you only have to pay the $20 local dues portion. If not, you'll need to pay the full $50 to be considered a financial member.

Instructions: Please only click once for each item to add to your shopping cart. Once the PayPal® page appears (it may open on a separate tab or page of your browser), you will be able to select multiple quantities of your item(s) or remove items from your shopping cart.  At that point you can come back to this page and add additional items to your shopping cart or select on the PayPal® page to complete your transaction. You do not need to create a PayPal® account to pay online.

Prices on this page include PayPal fees. If you want to avoid the PayPal fees or do not wish to pay online, print and mail in this form with your checks to pay your annual alumni dues ($50 or $20).

Alumni Band Marching Fee

This fee ($35) is required to participate with the  Alumni Band. Please go ahead and submit this fee early if possible.

Chapter Membership Dues 

Select AOB only if you ARE NOT a current financial member of another TSU chapter nor a paid-in-full or subscribing LIFE member. Select Dual/LIFE if you ARE a current financial member of another TSU chapter or a paid-in-full or subscribing LIFE member of the TSUNAA. Life and Dual membership will be verified with the TSUNAA, so please include your other chapter in the Special Instructions area.

Please include your instrument/aux/years marched in the Special Instructions area or Comments area when making your purchase on PayPal.

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Please select the Donate button below to donate any amount of funds to the TSU Aristocrat of Bands Alumni Chapter. These funds do not go directly to the current band, but go to the chapter to help offset costs incurred by the chapter, fund events for the chapter, and provide support for the current band. This is a separate transaction and will not appear in your shopping cart with the items above.


To donate to the Aristocrat of Bands Scholarship and/or Operating Funds (for the current band program), please do so through the TSU Foundation by clicking below and selecting Other Areas of Support.  The Scholarship fund is appropriately labeled.  The Operations fund is labeled Aristocrat of Bands Fund.