Trumpeter, Shamarr Allen Taps AOB for Bandhead Anthem

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Behind the scenes of #BandheadForLife ft. Tennesee State Marching Band. Never in a million years would I think I’d be standing in the middle with the trumpet everyone laughed at taking a solo on an original song I wrote for the Marching Band Culture. This song is called #BandheadForLife and this is a snippet and doesn’t do what we’re about to do any justice. Anyone that knows me know I’ve spent my entire career being different. When all my teachers said Shamarr that won’t work I said why? They said because that’s the rules. Every time I left without a solid answer I kept doing my own thing. People laughed when I started playing pocket trumpet, I liked how I heard myself and how close the sound was to my face and I got a custom one made with better quality than the ones everyone gets there hands on. Now a few companies make pocket trumpets that really look exactly like mines. First they laughed now they copy #Trendsetter is what my pops called me since a kid. I’ve played every style of music and I blend a lot of them at my shows but the one I always gravitate back towards is marching band. I’ve dreamed of writing an original song and getting an HBCU to play it. This is our first time playing it together and I’m only sharing from the moment I got the chills and realized something I dreamed of is happening. We’re about to make history. What we’re about to do has never been done and I just want to Thank everyone that’s a part of bringing this together. This is a behind the scenes clip from a cellphone. This is for the culture! Shamarr Allen ft. Tennessee State Marching Band. Video and single release October 21. This is just a cellphone clip of a warmup.

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New Orleans-based trumpet player, Shamarr Allen, collaborated with Tennessee State University Aristocrat of Bands on the future release of his single, “Bandhead For Life.” Shamarr has collaborated with many renowned artists around the world such as Willie Nelson, Patti LaBelle, Galatic, Harrick Connick Jr, and Lenny Kravitz. In 2008, he was also appointed by Barack Obama as United States cultural ambassador, traveling the world with his band, The Underdawgs.

His video “BandHead for Life” featuring the Aristocrat of Bands will premier October 21, 2019.